Couples counseling and premarital counseling

Couples Counseling (8 Sessions)

Couples counseling can help you identify the obstacles that are getting in the way of creating and cultivating a nourishing healthy relationship.

Let me help you……

  • Discover and learn about your attachment style/love language
  • Learn how to nurture and still be your own person
  • Learn to communicate and feel more connected
  • Re-Build safety and trust after infidelity
  • Move past old wounds
  • Build coping skills for problem solving together

Premarital Counseling Workshops (6 sessions)

Premarital Counseling sessions provide you with an opportunity to enrich your relationship before marriage and learn healthy ways to deal with conflict and challenges that inevitably will arise in marriage. It’s a valuable opportunity to explore each other’s differences, values, hopes and dreams.

Let my couples counseling services help you…

  • Explore fears about intimacy and commitment
  • Identify your relationship strengths and growth areas
  • Build solid communication skills
  • Resolve conflicts in a loving respectful manner
  • Strengthen your relationship bond
  • Explore your relationship and family of origin
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